The Success Story of a Cleaning Tablet

Drinking coffee is one of life's little pleasures. As perfect and unending as it can possibly be. The quality of water and coffee beans plus a residue-free brewer guarantee the ultimate coffee drinking experience.


The first studies were carried out at Fehr Chemicals, Triesen/FL, into coffee and the so-called aroma killer or residue (ether oils), followed by in-depth research.

What happens in a clean machine when 50, 100, 200 or more cups of the popular beverage are made every day?

Results showed that a fine film of coffee residue is already left behind after the first day. A series of tests showed that this film is four times thicker by the second day if the aroma killer, the coffee residue, has not been removed.

As a result coffee residue has to be removed daily in commercial catering.


Handling was improved. Powder was filled in a 10 x 10mm approx. paper bag (similar to a teabag).


The cleaning tablet followed. This prompted coffee machine manufacturers to integrate cleaning programmes in their coffee machines.


To protect the environment and avoid phosphate deposits in the brewer, Fehr Chemicals developed the phosphate-free Kamareta cleaning tablet KAMARETA CAFE clean.


Cleaning tablets were developed for small fully-automatic machines like Saeco and Jura.


KAMARETA CAFE clean tablets then went on sale to homes and offices in smaller size packs. It was also possible to enjoy coffee without coffee residue at home and in the office.


Fehr Chemicals became Kamareta Establishment.


Cleaning with KAMARETA CAFE clean, the professional cleaning tablet, has become a must for great-tasting coffee every time. A handy size, efficient and guaranteed phosphate-free.

KAMARETA EST. has a head office in the Principality of Liechtenstein and boasts over two decades of experience, making it the world's leading manufacturer of coffee machine cleaning tablets designed to remove coffee residue clean away.